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Our Story

Master Class

In 2014, Le Herbe launched to disrupt the beverage industry with one magical ingredient. Our drinks are made from a rare plant species called cannabis, also known as marijuana, but you can simply order a cannabis beverage. The passion of Le Herbe is to craft cannabis drinks that are truly healthy for you. A drink that will bring happiness to your life. A drink that will inspire you to do great things. History will ultimately tell, but we believe the most controversial plant in history will go down as the most treasured gift bestowed to humanity. We invite you to experience Mother Nature and look forward to hearing about the positive changes in your life.

“ our story is about helping you
Cannabis Beverage by Le Herbe

Imagine the Experience

Most people have experimented with "marijuana" in the past and had a good experience or not. The latter, we believe, is the result of adolescence. Some of us remember sitting around with our friends, listening to great music, and lighting joints until we smoked way too much. This approach is outdated and not the best way to consume this powerful plant. Try again and slowly create a symbiotic relationship with cannabis because she will enlighten you. Consume 5-10 mg of cannabis in the span of a few hours and you will be on the right path to building your personalized level of enjoyment. Imagine eating food with a cannabis beverage and experiencing enhanced sensations of smell / flavor. Imagine drinking a cannabis beverage with friends and connecting on a deep intellectual level. Imagine waking up the next morning after drinking a cannabis beverage and feeling refreshed / happy. Imagine your world without alcohol and all the good that will come by choosing to free yourself with cannabis.

Blaze a New Path

Le Herbe is bringing back the lost art of beverage making because we care about what you put in your body. We craft our products from scratch and use only the best ingredients from around the world. We own our brand, privacy, freedom, and destiny. Join us as we redefine the modern drinker and strive to be legendary.


  • Cannabis Legalization (USA)
  • Company Established
  • Research & Development


  • Pioneered Cannabis Beverages
  • Nano-Emulsions (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Ultrasonics (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Drug Delivery System(s)
  • Collaboration Campaign (RTD)


  • Pioneered Nanotechnology (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Bioavailability / Bioaccessibility
  • Fast Acting Effects (Onset)
  • Predictable Effects (Offset)
  • White Paper (ASCB)
  • Education Campaign (Absorption)


  • Pioneered Smart Consumer (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • All-Natural Formulations
  • Precise & Consistent Dosing
  • Flavorless & Odorless (Powder)
  • Simulated Digestion (GIT)
  • Biodynamic Farming Campaign


  • Pioneered Spray Drying (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Water Soluble Cannabinoids (Powder)
  • Wholesale / B2B (Cannabis)
  • Tasting Room (California)
  • Hemp Legalization (USA)


  • Pioneered Molecular Engineering (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Amorphous Solid Dispersion (ASD)
  • Nano Edibles (Cannabis)
  • Wholesale / B2B (Hemp)
  • Online Store (Hemp)


  • Pioneered Thin Films (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Direct-to-Consumer (Hemp)
  • Single Serving (Hemp)
  • Organic Plant Colors
  • Marketing Campaign (Respect)


  • Pioneered 2D Printing (ODF) / 3D Printing (Vegan Gummy)
  • Food & Pharmaceutical Grade (Hemp)
  • The Fizz (Cannabis / Hemp)
  • Organic Mushrooms (Non-Psychedelic)
  • Public Consumption Campaign (Hemp)
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