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Our Story

Master Class

In 2014 Le Herbe launched with a novel idea to disrupt the beverage industry and pioneer a new category with one magical ingredient. The purpose and passion of Le Herbe is to create a beverage that is truly healthy for you. A beverage that will bring happiness to your life. A beverage that may give meaning to your existence. This drink my friends is made from a rare plant species called Cannabis Sativa L., otherwise known as marijuana, but you can simply order a cannabis beverage. History will ultimately tell, but we believe the most controversial plant in history will go down as the most treasured gift bestowed to mankind. It is truly an honor for our family to showcase mother nature in a wide variety of cannabis drinks because our story is about helping you. We invite you to experience a cannabis infused beverage and look forward to hearing about the positive changes in your life. Use the hashtag #freeyourself
“ our story is about helping you ”
Cannabis Beverage Company

Imagine the Experience

Cannabis beverages are different than current drinks on the market. For instance, the effects of THC/CBD are very intriguing and misunderstood by new consumers. Many people have experienced marijuana in the past and had a good experience or bad. The bad experience we believe is the result of adolescence. Some of us remember sitting around with our friends lighting joints until we smoked too much, but that approach is not the best way to consume this plant. Now that we are all adults over the age of 21, please take it low and slow, Micro Dose! If you consume a 2-10 mg cannabis beverage (8 fl oz) in a span of a few hours you will be on the right path to building your personal tolerance. Imagine eating food with a cannabis beverage and experiencing enhanced sensations of flavor. Imagine waking up the next morning after drinking a cannabis beverage and feeling refreshed. Imagine drinking a cannabis beverage with friends and connecting on a meaningful level. Imagine your world without alcohol and all the good that will come by choosing to free yourself with a cannabis beverage.

Blaze a New Path

Le Herbe is bringing back what was lost about being a true beverage maker. We invested, researched and developed our own formulations in-house. We only source raw materials from sustainable farms that we personally visit and from people that are just like us, Family! It might sound strange, but Le Herbe wants to know first hand our products are safe for the consumer and every step of the beverage making process is meticulously refined for the best outcome. Le Herbe is on a mission to blaze a new path because we are redefining the modern drinker.
“ The beverage you choose to drink has a tremendous impact on society ”

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