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Le Herbe designed this microparticle to be spherical, semi-porous, shelf stable, water soluble, fast acting, flavorless, and transparent (re-dispersed in water) with all-natural ingredients. The wall material is an amorphous structure (non-crystalline) with a particle diameter of 18µm, which mimic the cuticle. Inside the wall material is a nanoemulsion with a particle diameter of 37nm, which mimic the resin. We selected high purity cannabinoids and terpenes from our pantry so we could bring back to life our favorite cannabis strain based on a CoA. Le Herbe produced 1 kilogram of “resin heads” based on our quality by design principles. A sample of cannabis powder was visually evaluated using scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Microparticles were placed on a carbon conductive tab on a sample holder. Next, the sample was coated with a thin layer of gold (approx. 10 nm) in a gold sputter coater (Quorum). Afterwards the sample was analyzed by SEM (Phenom Pro Suite, Phenom). A single microparticle is isolated and shown for education purposes.