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Malvern technology is best in class for implementing dynamic light scattering (DLS) and electrophoretic light scattering (ELS) measurements on your cannabis emulsions. This is required for your coarse emulsion and nanoemulsion before you make cannabis powder via spray drying. The intensity of light scattered by your emulsion depends upon the size, refractive index of the particles, and the angle at which scattering is detected (Mie Theory). This means that particles of different sizes in the same sample are not all detected with the same sensitivity. A traditional single-angle DLS measurement may therefore report a different particle size distribution depending on the angle at which the measurement is performed. In a MADLS® measurement, the correlation data from several detection angles (Back 173°, Front 13°, Side 90°) are combined with this knowledge of Mie theory to generate a higher resolution particle size distribution

The Zetasizer is used to help design the functionality of bioactive compounds like cannabinoids. It helps optimize cannabis emulsion stability in order to extend product shelf life and improve product performance. It is also used to improve the taste of fresh roasted coffee, artisan chocolate, and much more.

  • Easy to use ZS Xplorer software enables quality data analysis
  • Reliable and repeatable data from Adaptive Correlation algorithm
  • Simple, calibration-free measurement of particle concentration
  • Disposable and reusable cells are available to optimize measurement
  • MPT-3 Autotitrator (optional) enables study of effect / changes in pH