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Cannabis Powder is Heading to Outer Space

Lakewood Ranch, Fl - February 15, 2022 - Le Herbe releases a new white paper on cannabis powder because education is key to accepting a healthy alternative to alcohol. They offer a standardized method for making cannabis powder, highlight instruments, and demand high-quality data. The Art and Science of Cannabis Powder took seven years to master and is a progression from cannabis beverages pioneered by Le Herbe back in 2015. A liquid nanoemulsion is the gold standard for food and beverage formulations infused with cannabinoids like THC or CBD. It is the most versatile delivery system the world has ever seen, but Le Herbe can make it better. Converting emulsions to cannabis powder offers numerous advantages, including versatility, compactness, lightweight, and a shelf life of 3 years. Check out this white paper if you want to learn how to make cannabis powder or functional ingredients. Le Herbe hopes this white paper spurs the growth of artisanal makers around the world because quality matters.

The new white paper, The Art and Science of Cannabis Powder, provides an overview of emerging technologies in the cannabis industry that are revolutionizing the delivery of bioactive compounds like cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids. Le Herbe, pronounced "The Erb", explores nanoemulsions, microparticles, spray drying, dynamic light scattering, laser diffraction, and simulated digestion. “We are waiting patiently for the market to catch up to our world-class R&D," said J. Grillo, Founder, Le Herbe. This small business has extraordinary ability, expertise, and intellectual property, usually reserved for billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies. They have a particle engineering team and have recently reverse-engineered resin heads found on the stalked glandular trichomes of Cannabis sativa L. Le Herbe's microparticle has the same shape, size, and architecture as resin heads. Cannabis powder is a collection of microparticles in the micrometer or micron size range.

The cannabis industry is transitioning from pseudoscience to scientific methods thanks to cannabis beverages. Le Herbe published its first white paper in 2016: The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages. Since then, cannabis companies have been investing in advanced edible formulations because of the slow onset effect of 1-2 hours for legacy products. To put this in perspective, Le Herbe began making oral consumption products like beverages and edibles with 5–10 minute onset effects 7 years ago. “Fast-acting effects are just now taking hold for the first time in the history of cannabis consumption, which dates back thousands of years,” said Grillo.

Le Herbe believes that cannabis will overtake alcohol in the USA (5 years) and Europe (10 years), respectively. "Cannabis was here long before alcohol. People should have the right to drink a healthy alternative without bias," said Grillo. It's not your fault if you have a misinformed opinion on cannabis because the USA exported a bad ideology all over the world. It's only right that the USA fix these misdeeds. Philanthropy will play a key role in helping de-stigmatize this beautiful plant and lead the way to a brighter future for humanity. Strategic investments in the USA are required in order to take advantage of the overwhelming support for cannabis legalization. Le Herbe would like to see philanthropists step up and fund cannabis research in the USA on the benefits of cannabinoids. Donating to university is typical, but don't forget about small businesses because we can compete.

Le Herbe is an employee-owned company with a location in the business-friendly state of Florida. They think the world would be a better place if you consumed more cannabis and less alcohol. Cannabis powder can be used in fresh roasted coffee, exotic tea, cold-pressed juice, artisan chocolate, delicious pastries, baked goods, soups, cosmetics, and much more.

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Source: Le Herbe

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