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Press Release

Cannabis Legend Launches Artisan Powder

Lakewood Ranch, FL - October 23, 2020 - Le Herbe is pleased to announce the newest single-serving product line for the smart hemp consumer. These artisan powders pack a punch, to say the least, and are currently available for pre-order for the 2020 holiday season. Smart consumers can choose from whole plant extracts as well as CBD and CBG with zero THC. Over the past 6 years, Le Herbe, has pioneered cannabis beverages, cannabis powder, fast-acting effects, and much more. They are the unquestioned leader in this niche segment. Come and get Le Herbe's water-soluble cannabinoids while they last.

Le Herbe is an employee-owned company that uses high-quality plant genetics, biodynamic farming, sun-grown hemp, and designer hemp extracts. The single-serving product line comes in 4 different product formulations and 6 color variations. All SKUs are in powder form and have fast-acting effects (5–15 min), predictable offset effects (1–2 hrs), flavorless, odorless, and food- or pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. "We want our clients and customers to create depth of flavor in fresh drinks. Le Herbe will be your trusted source for rare, consistent, and powerful effects," said J. Grillo, Founder, Le Herbe.

Single Serving (SKUs)

  1. Whole Plant (CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, etc.)
  2. CBD
  3. CBG
  4. CBD + CBG (1 to 1 Ratio)

For an additional cost, Le Herbe wants you to explore your creativity and add color to your "made-to-order" formulations. Why make your drink translucent (white) in water when you can make a divine mocktail. Le Herbe's experienced team of food scientists utilizes fruit and vegetable colors. The current organic portfolio contains blue, red, purple, pink, or yellow. "We are excited about what the future holds," said Grillo. Le Herbe has self-funded their world-class R&D facility and continues to be the avant-garde of the cannabis and hemp industries for the foreseeable future.

Harvest time is underway for Le Herbe's single-serving product line, which will only be sold online, exclusively at Le Herbe is now accepting pre-orders and will start shipping in December for the 2020 holiday season, the minimum order is $50. Due to political turmoil in the USA, they only accept e-check at this time. Le Herbe hopes the SAFE Banking Act will be signed into law in 2021 because they have plans to accept Apple Pay. They encourage smart consumers to support small businesses during these tough times and purchase artisanal products.

Source: Le Herbe

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