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Cannabis Beverages Now More Potent Than Smoking Pot

Sarasota, FL - June 15, 2016 - Le Herbe crafts a new white paper that gives readers a behind the scenes look at commercial manufacturing of ready-to-drink (RTD) cannabis beverages (non-alcoholic). The white paper was developed to educate consumers, highlight the need for healthy edible products, and put investors on notice to join the early stage development. Cannabis beverages will directly compete with current psychotropic and non-psychotropic beverages.

The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages provides an overview of innovative food science and emerging technologies that are revolutionizing delivery of bioactive compounds like cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids. The paper reveals general composition, formula and workflow of cannabis beverages as it relates to creating all-natural formulations for consumers. It also explores technical challenges like oil-in-water (o/w) emulsions and future directions of the industry.

The smoking / vape debate is a hot topic in the scientific and cannabis communities as public smoking bans, odor regulations and poor aesthetics are pushing manufacturers towards development of oral consumption products. The problem is that bioavailability of current edible products are on average extremely low (6%) compared to smoking cannabis (2-56%) with dependent variables. Le Herbe highlights in the white paper that it has developed a proprietary process of creating cannabis beverages that have 50-75% bioavailability with "Formula 420". The methods highlighted will save consumers money, help edible manufacturers optimize raw material costs, and will have a dramatic impact on the industry.

"Legalization is changing the way you consume cannabis. We believe that food science and technology will have a big impact on cannabis products and we will lead this revolution," said Marc LaRoche, CEO, Le Herbe. “

A few states that legalized recreational and medical marijuana limit edible products by a specific dosage of THC (mg) without addressing new technologies employed in the food and beverage industry that increase absorption of bioactive compounds. The white paper explains in laymen's terms that you will have to eat 8 cookies (20mg THC per) to get the same effect of 1 of their cannabis beverages (20mg / 8oz) without all the sugar. Le Herbe beverages are now more potent than the traditional smoking route and is a game changer.

Source: Le Herbe

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