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Water Soluble THCV

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Le Herbe invites you to experience the best water soluble THCV on the planet. Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV is our newest artisan powder scientifically formulated for the smart consumer. Enjoy a clean nutritional label, fast acting onset effects (5-10 min), predictable offset effects (1-3 hrs), and the world's most bioavailable tetrahydrocannabivarin. Add our water soluble THCV powders to your favorite beverage or explore your creativity in an edible product. Le Herbe's nano THCV powder can be coated on gummies or mixed with chocolate to form a nano emulsion.

Water Soluble THCV Powder by Le Herbe


  • Single Serving (0.5g)
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (5mg)
  • Water Soluble Powder
  • Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Fast Acting THCV
  • Nano THCV
  • World's Most Bioavailable
  • All-Natural / 100% Vegan
  • Non-GMO / Non-Synthetic
  • Made by Plants (USA)
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How do you make THCV powder water soluble?
Le Herbe makes a hemp emulsion that is dispersible in water. The resulting liquid emulsion is then spray dried or freeze dried to form a water soluble THCV powder. You can learn more about how we make THCV water soluble by reading our legendary white paper, The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages
What is the onset effect of water soluble THCV?
The onset effect of Le Herbe's THCV powder is approximately 5-10 minutes (Fast Acting). Results may vary if your feasting or fasting, man or women, age, genetics, etc.
What is the offset effect of water soluble THCV?
Oral consumption of Le Herbe's THCV powder (1 serving) will have an offset effect of approximately 1-3 hours. The peak effect is around 1 hr and slowly dissipates.
What kind of THCV extract do you use?
Le Herbe uses hemp distillate, rosin, or isolate. Our water soluble THCV powder is proprietary and may include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.
How do you make THCV?
Le Herbe's THCV extract is sourced from hemp and Made by Plants (USA). It is 100% legal and federally protected via the Farm Bill Act of 2018.
How do you grow your hemp?
Le Herbe blends high quality genetics, biodynamic farming, sun grown hemp, and whole plant / designer extracts in our water soluble THCV powder.
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