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Fast-Acting THC

Have you ever wanted to experience THCv in a fresh drink within 5–10 minutes?

Experience the best THCv powder on the planet, exclusively at Le Herbe. This artisan powder is handcrafted by award-winning chefs from scratch for the smart consumer. Enjoy a healthy nutritional label, fast-acting THCv (5–10 min), predictable offset effects (1-2 hrs), and the world's most bioavailable tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv). Mix water-soluble THCv powder in your favorite drink or explore your creativity with baking, cooking, and artisanal edibles. Le Herbe's THCv powder mixes seamlessly with fresh roasted coffee, espresso, artisan chocolate, fresh baked goods, desserts, molecular gastronomy, and much more.

Water-Soluble THCv Powder made by Le Herbe


  • Safe & Effective
  • Single-Serving
  • Water-Soluble Powder
  • Food or Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Fast-Acting THCv
  • World's Most Bioavailable THCv
  • Nanoemulsion
  • All-Natural
  • Made by Plants (USA)
Le Herbe has spent 9 years mastering hemp pharmacokinetics and makes the best water-soluble THCv powder on the planet
Le Herbe


How do you make THCV water soluble?
Le Herbe makes a hemp emulsion that is dispersible in water. The resulting liquid emulsion is then spray dried to form a water soluble THCV powder. You can learn more about how we make THCV water soluble by reading our legendary white papers, The Art & Science of Cannabis Beverages and/or The Art & Science of Cannabis Powder.
How should I consume water soluble THCV powder?
Based on our bioavailability research (AUC), Le Herbe recommends consuming water soluble THCV powder in your favorite drink before eating a high fat meal. Intermittent fasting is a viable alternative to promote autophagy.
What is the onset effect of water soluble THCV?
The onset effect of Le Herbe's THCV powder is approximately 5-10 minutes (Fast Acting). Results may vary if your feasting or fasting, metabolism, genetics, etc.
What is the offset effect of water soluble THCV?
Oral consumption of Le Herbe's THCV powder will have an offset effect of approximately 1-2 hours. The peak effect is around 30 minutes and it slowly dissipates.
What type of extract do you use?
Le Herbe has the best THCV powder with high purity. We start with hemp derived hash rosin, live rosin, isolate, live resin, badder, distillate, and/or shatter. We convert these hemp extracts to a water soluble powder via spray drying. Our THCV powder is proprietary and may include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and/or flavonoids.
How do you grow your hemp?
Le Herbe blends high quality plant genetics, biodynamic farming, sun grown hemp, and designer extracts in our water soluble powders.
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