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Water Soluble THC

Water Soluble THC Powder with Cannabis Leaf


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Have you ever wanted to make drinks without alcohol and want to use cannabis instead?

Shake, stir or blend water soluble THC in your favorite drink and enjoy. These artisan powders have 100% solubility and will dissolve instantly in any hot / cold beverage. Le Herbe's water soluble THC is 10x stronger than current edible products (mg vs mg) and 2x stronger than smoking / vaping. Food Science Rocks! Experience the best water soluble THC on the planet, exclusively at Le Herbe.

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Water Soluble THC Powder


  • THC Distillate
  • Flavorless / Odorless
  • High Absorption
  • Sugar Free
  • Strain Specific
  • Terpenes
  • Small Batch

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Best Water Soluble THC


  • THC Distillate / Rosin
  • Flavorful / Citrus Terpenes
  • Extreme Absorption
  • Lightly Sweetened
  • Seasonal Strains
  • Custom
  • Bulk

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THC Soluble Powder


  • Distillate / Rosin / Isolate
  • Flavor / Color / Mouthfeel
  • Bioenhancers
  • Terpene Oils
  • Cannabinoid Ratios
  • Timed Release
  • Small Batch / Bulk




Power to the People

There is a reason why every pharmaceutical company in the world is obsessed with absorption of drugs or bioavailability. The majority of cannabis producers / processors put a ton of hard work into growing cannabis, extracting oil and creating a consumer packaged good (CPG), but they forgot, gave up, or naively chose not to research what happens when humans consume cannabis in an edible form. It's even worse in the hemp industry because you have multi-million dollar public / private companies basically selling snake oil. This chart highlights a few companies because we simply don't have enough room (IV = Intravenously).

Le Herbe has spent 5 years mastering cannabis pharmacokinetics (how humans affect THC) and continues to study cannabis pharmacodynamics (how THC affects humans) in order to move our industry forward. We need to care more about our customers and less about investors / fancy packaging.



Non-Alcoholic, Non-GMO, 100% Vegan, No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives

Base Ingredients

Tapioca Maltodextrin, Coconut Oil, Citric Acid, THC Distillate or Rosin

Sweeteners *

Organic Honey, Maple Syrup, Monk Fruit, Agave Nectar

Carrier Oils *

d-Limonene, Linalool, α-Pinene, β-Caryophyllene, Mentha Piperita

* = Optional



Get to know water soluble THC and how it's different than current edible products on the market. Unlock your true potential.
  • Is water soluble THC better?

    Le Herbe's data suggests from simulated gastrointestinal digestion (GIT) and confirmed by clinical research that humans can absorb up to 78.4% of THC when you orally consume water soluble THC, made by Le Herbe. There is a stark contrast to non-water soluble formulations (99% of edible market), which suggests that humans can only absorb up to 10-15%. These revelations explain why companies were putting 100 mg of THC in edible products because the lack of understanding about bioavailability. This unfortunate misstep by our industry resulted in sweeping regulations to control dosing to 10 mg.

    If you purchase a 10 mg THC infused edible that is not formulated water soluble then you are only consuming 1.5 mg of THC. The other 8.5 mg of THC is excreted from your body before you can absorb it. You just paid for 10 mg of THC, but you only absorbed 1.5 mg of THC.

    Absorption or bioavailability will be the new "alcohol proof" for the cannabis industry, which suggests the true strength of THC by quantifying (e.g., 78.4% ÷ 10 mg = 7.8 mg). This will also be a tell-tale sign to consumers that your products are professionally formulated from scientific methods... not based on pseudoscience.

  • How much should I consume?

    Le Herbe recommends 1 teaspoon of powder per drink (10 mg THC) and not more than two drinks per hour. Go low and slow to build up your tolerance and have fun finding the right dose amount for personalized consumption. Please remember that water soluble THC is stronger than current edible products so you may need to adjust your dosage.

  • When will I feel the effects?

    You will feel the effects of our water soluble THC within 5-10 minutes of consuming, but results may vary if your feasting or fasting, man or women, etc. The resulting state of euphoria will last around 60-90 minutes or longer.

  • Who uses water soluble THC?

    Bartenders, Mixologists, Chefs, Bakers, Molecular Gastronomy, Food Scientists, Producers/Processors, Home Brew


Le Herbe loves food science and pioneered cannabis beverages. Get the best water soluble THC on the planet or nothing at all.
  • Is water soluble THC safe?

    Le Herbe prides itself on crafting artisan products that are safe for the consumer. You can expect nothing but the best mother nature has to offer in our water soluble THC powders. We blend quality genetics, biodynamic farming, sun grown cannabis, and whole plant extracts in our handcrafted product line(s). You can read more about how we make THC water soluble by reading The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages. We have high standards and routinely test for mold, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and consistency. Upon request, we provide batch results along with a certificate of analysis (COA) from a third party laboratory.

  • What can I mix it with?

    Le Herbe's water soluble THC is handcrafted in California to dissolve in non-alcoholic liquid, but you can use our product-line in modern cuisine. Utilize our THC powders in fine dining and transform them into foams, gelatins, spherification, or thickeners. All of the technical hurdles or food science has been addressed by Le Herbe, so you can concentrate on creating depth of flavor, making cannabis mocktails, or building a consumer packaged good (CPG). Some of our clients in the USA and Canada have crafted soups, sauces, cosmetics, cup cakes, k-cups, tea bags, lozenges, gum, mints, and tablets with our water soluble cannabinoids.

  • What is Bioenhance / Release?

    Le Herbe can engineer small particles like "emulsions" and we can reverse engineer small particles like cannabis "trichomes" in a liquid or powder. We offer complex formulations like double emulsions (O/W/O), which allow for the release of water soluble cannabinoids in specific time increments (60 min, 3 hrs, 6 hrs, 8 hrs).

    In addition to the increased absorption of water soluble formulations, you can also supercharge the strength of THC for various medicinal purposes. The diverse therapeutic effects and favorable safety profiles of piperine and curcumin were selected as all-natural bioenhancers. Le Herbe also took into consideration their non-toxicity to humans, efficacy at relatively low concentration, and potential to overcome additional absorption barriers.

  • How do you make THC water soluble?

    Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has extremely low oral absorption stemming from the lipophilic (fat) characteristics, poor solubility in water, and significant first pass effect in the liver. Le Herbe's approach used to enhance the oral bioavailability of THC is to make a cannabis emulsion that is dissolvable in water. The resulting liquid emulsion is then spray dried or freeze dried (lyophilization) to form a soluble THC powder. Complete dispersion or dissolution of the powder will be accomplished within a few seconds in warm liquid and in about 30-60 seconds in cold liquid. These artisan powders come in a wide variety of colors, flavors, sweeteners and can be dissolved clear or cloudy (i.e., turbidity).


Due to small batches of water soluble THC pioneered by Le Herbe, we are currently backed up. Try our water soluble CBD powder while you wait.
  • How many servings are in a kilogram?

    Each kilogram will have 238 servings. Each serving has 4.20 grams of powder (1 teaspoon) and 10 mg of THC.

  • How much THC is in each kilogram?

    Le Herbe formulates each kilogram with or without sweeteners, flavor and/or additional cannabinoids. 1 kilogram of water soluble THC does not equal 1 kilogram of THC. Each standard kilogram of water soluble THC has approximately 2.28 grams of THC, but can be increased up to 450 grams or 45%. This may vary depending on product specs, dose limits and/or regulations.

  • Do you have any packaging options?

    Le Herbe can provide water soluble THC in 8oz containers (BPA-Free), 4.20 gram stick packs or a custom sachet. Each packaging option may include the removal of oxygen via liquid nitrogen dosing and/or desiccant packets to sustain a state of dryness.

  • How much does water soluble THC cost?

    We only provide wholesale pricing to approved vendors.

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