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Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD
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Have you ever wanted to make drinks for your friends without alcohol and want to use cannabis instead?
Dash, sprinkle or mix water soluble CBD in your favorite drink and enjoy. The first and only all-natural CBD formulation with 100% solubility in any beverage without the need for alcohol. This flavorless powder will completely dissolve in any liquid, no oily taste in your mouth and is 10x stronger than current edible products (mg vs mg). Food Science Rocks!


CBD Soluble


CBD Only
Full Spectrum CBD Solubility

Full Spectrum

CBD / Terps / Flavs
CBD with Curcumin


CBD / Turmeric (Curcumin)
CBD with Piperine


CBD / Pepper (Piperine)


What is water soluble CBD?
Is it safe to consume?
What can I mix it with?
How much should I consume?
Is it psychoactive?
What is bioenhanced?

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