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Water Soluble CBD

Pioneer. Artisan.

We invite you to experience the best water soluble CBD on the planet, exclusively at Le Herbe. These artisan CBD powders are designed by food scientists, crafted by particle engineers, and made for the smart consumer. Enjoy a clean nutritional label, fast acting CBD, and the world's most bioavailable cannabidiol. Add water soluble CBD powder to your favorite beverage or explore your creativity in an edible product. Le Herbe's nano CBD powders can be used dry or rehydrated in cold/hot water.

overview of water soluble CBD powder

Fast Acting

The onset effect of Le Herbe's water soluble CBD powder is 5-10 min. Compare this to oil soluble formulations which have 1 hr +.

All-Natural Ingredients

  • No GMO or Synthetics
  • No Gluten or Sodium
  • No Dairy, Soy, or MSG
  • No Glycerin, PG, or PEG
  • No Artificial Colors, Preservatives, or Flavors


The absorption of Le Herbe's water soluble CBD has reached 78.4%. Compare this to oil soluble formulations which have only 6-15% bioavailability.


Le Herbe's water soluble CBD powder be used dry or rehydrated in liquid.


Le Herbe's Original Water Soluble CBD


Le Herbe's Reserve Water Soluble CBD Powder



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Increase Absorption

Add water soluble CBD powders to fresh coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, or craft a mocktail (non-alcoholic). Turn on the power!
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Sun Grown Hemp

Biodynamic farming, caring people, and high quality ingredients will enlighten you. Le Herbe is one with nature.
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Fast Acting

Mix 1/2 tsp of this artisan powder in your favorite beverage and experience 5-10 minute onset effects. No placebo effect!
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Smart Consumer

Le Herbe pioneered cannabis beverages and water soluble cannabinoids. Celebrating 6 years in business. EST 2014
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Food Science

Enjoy flavorless, odorless, and all-natural formulations. Organic plant color option(s) available. Non-GMO & Vegan Friendly.
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Synergistic Effects

Whole plant hemp extracts including a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids, & flavanoids in our proprietary formulations

The world's most trusted expert on water soluble CBD


onset effect

Note This chart highlights water soluble vs oil soluble formulations based on average results. Le Herbe's water soluble CBD powder is fast acting (5 min) if orally consumed, but may vary (see FAQs). Humans can achieve the fastest onset effect via sublingual or buccal (1-2 min) like our orodispersible films (ODFs).


Note This chart highlights the bioavailability of a few hemp companies vs Le Herbe (78.4%) vs Intravenously (IV). You can clearly see who naively chose not to research what happens when humans consume hemp in an edible form. You have multi-million dollar public / private companies basically selling snake oil.

Le Herbe has spent 5 years mastering hemp pharmacokinetics and produces the best water soluble CBD powder on the planet
Le Herbe


How do you make CBD powder water soluble?
Le Herbe makes a hemp emulsion that is dispersible in water. The resulting liquid emulsion is then spray dried or freeze dried to form a water soluble CBD powder. You can learn more about how we make CBD water soluble by reading our legendary white paper, The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages
What is the onset effect of water soluble CBD?
The onset effect of Le Herbe's CBD powder is approximately 5-10 minutes (Fast Acting). Results may vary if your feasting or fasting, man or women, age, genetics, etc.
What is the offset effect of water soluble CBD?
Oral consumption of Le Herbe's CBD powder (1 serving) will have an offset effect of approximately 1-3 hours. The peak effect is around 1 hr and slowly dissipates.
Is water soluble CBD powder better than tinctures?
Le Herbe removed the water from the hemp emulsion so we can prevent major microbiological issues in non-alcoholic formulations. This scientific process allows Le Herbe to use healthy ingredients and gives smart consumers the option to use dry or rehydrated in water.
What kind of extract do you use?
Le Herbe uses hemp distillate, rosin, or isolate. It is a proprietary hemp extract and may include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids.
Where do you get your CBD?
Le Herbe's CBD is sourced from hemp and made in the USA. It is 100% legal and federally protected via the Farm Bill Act of 2018.
How do you grow your hemp?
Le Herbe blends high quality genetics, biodynamic farming, sun grown hemp, and whole plant / designer extracts in our water soluble CBD powder.
How long does it take for powder to dissolve in water?
Complete dispersion or dissolution of the Le Herbe's water soluble CBD powder will be accomplished within a few seconds in warm liquid and in about 30-60 seconds in cold liquid.
How much CBD is in each water soluble kilogram?
Le Herbe formulates each kilogram with or without sweeteners, flavor and/or additional cannabinoids. 1 kilogram of water soluble CBD does not equal 1 kilogram of CBD. Each standard kilogram of water soluble CBD has approximately 5.95 g of CBD, but can be increased up to 450 g or 45%. This may vary depending on product specs, dose limits, and/or regulations.
How many servings are in each water soluble kilogram?
Each kilogram of water soluble CBD has 476 servings. Each serving has 2.1 g of powder (1/2 teaspoon) and 12.5 mg of CBD.
Do you have any packaging options?
Le Herbe can provide water soluble CBD powder in 8 oz containers, 2.1 g stick packs, or 4.20 g sachet. Each packaging option may include the removal of oxygen via nitrogen flush, vacuum sealed, and/or desiccant packets to sustain a state of dryness.
How much should I consume?
Le Herbe recommends 1/2 teaspoon of powder per drink (12.5 mg CBD) and not more than two drinks per hour. Go low and slow to build up your tolerance and have fun finding the right dose amount for personalized consumption. Please remember that water soluble CBD is stronger than current edible products, so you may need to adjust your dosage.
Do you have more info on Reserve?
Please click the RESERVE to view this technical data sheet.
Do you have more info on Original?
Please click the ORIGINAL to view this technical data sheet.
Do you offer custom orders?
Please fill out the Request Form and submit your custom order today.
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