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Thin Films

Le Herbe's orodispersible films (ODFs) are defined as single or multilayer sheets. ODFs are placed in the mouth on the cheek (buccal) or placed onto the tongue (sublingual). Cannabinoids like THC or CBD are the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). It is absorbed via the mucosa and/or swallowed with saliva. ODF technology allows a substitute route for drugs which eliminates first pass metabolism.

How do you make orodispersible films (ODF) with cannabinoids?
Le Herbe makes a cannabis nanoemulsion that is dispersible in water. We then add film-forming polymer, plasticizer, and use an applicator to cast orodispersible films with cannabinoids like THC or CBD.
What is the onset effect of orodispersible films?
The onset effect of Le Herbe's orodispersible film is approximately 1-2 minutes (Fast Acting). Results may vary if your feasting or fasting, man or women, age, genetics, cannabinoid(s), etc.
What is the offset effect of orodispersible films?
Sublingual or buccal consumption of Le Herbe's orodispersible film (1 serving) will have an offset effect of approximately 1-3 hours. The peak cannabinoid effect is around 1 hr and slowly dissipates.
What kind of extract do you use in ODF?
Le Herbe uses THC Powder or CBD isolate in our orodispersible films. Our proprietary formulation may include a variety of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and/or flavonoids.
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