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Spray Drying

The discovery of spray drying is rooted in the science of particle technology, with Charles A. La Mont of New York / USA claiming invention of a method of desiccating egg-batter into fine particles (1865). Spray drying is simply the removal of water from solute materials, thereby creating dry particles. From a cannabis perspective, dry powder has less weight and volume compared to liquid, which can reduce transportation costs and storage space requirements. The creation of cannabis nanoparticles from nanoemulsions allow for endless possibilities in the design of drug delivery systems. Current research and development efforts by Le Herbe have demonstrated that spray drying is the future of cannabis product formulations. The information shared here is meant to spur innovation in our industry. We feel that open source is the best option for producing high quality cannabis research that leads to better products for everyone.

Spray drying cannabis has numerous advantages

Growing consumer demand for eco-friendly technology and healthy formulations has attracted Le Herbe to develop this technology for the cannabis industry. Spray drying THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBC offer several advantages including but not limited to:

  • Fast & Continuous Process
  • Scalable Process
  • Low Cost Process
  • Functional Excipients
  • Controlled Particle Size
  • Fast Acting Cannabinoids
  • Reduce Transit & Storage Costs
  • Energy Savings
  • Enhancement of Bioavailability
  • Preservation of Bioactivity

Applications of Spray Drying

Particle Engineering
Water Activity
Storage & Stability

Types of Spray Dryers

Lab Scale

The evaporation capacity of a lab scale facility is 15 ml H₂O/min. For example, Le Herbe can produce 1 kg per day of water soluble THC.

Commercial Scale

The evaporation capacity of a commercial scale facility is 10 kg H₂O/hour. For example, Le Herbe can produce 20 kg per day of water soluble CBD.

How it Works?

Spray drying is a highly versatile drying technology enabling the transformation of a liquid feed into a dry powder. The corresponding transformations take place as the liquid feed is sprayed in a hot-air stream acting as a drying agent. In the cannabis industry, spray drying is used for producing various food and drinks, such as water soluble THC, water soluble CBD, water soluble CBG, as well as flavor and coloring ingredients.


Cannabis products based on spray dry technology and nanoparticles are relatively new and should undergo intensive R&D in view of their potential for medicinal treatment and consumer safety. Because of regulations and red tape, imagine if cannabis companies shared R&D, we invite you to join in on endless possibilities.

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