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Le Herbe Opens One-of-a-Kind Tasting Room for Cannabis Drinks

Costa Mesa, CA - May 31, 2018 - Le Herbe's brand new tasting room is now accepting reservations just in time for summer. Oh yeah, we should probably mention that it is serving only non-alcoholic cannabis drinks. This one-of-a-kind tasting room is expected to boost cannabis beverages as the fastest growing product segment in the marijuana industry. When Le Herbe launched in 2014 they expected it would take years before they were able to open a tasting room. But with California being fully recreational in 2018 and some legal maneuvering, they're ready to pour.

The tasting room can be booked now on their website,, to individuals over 21 years of age in the State of California only. Le Herbe is planning on large groups of people and companies that are either interested in cannabis beverages or want to invest in the cannabis industry. Local craft bartenders will be serving guests free samples of cannabis infused drinks which can be picked from a curated drink menu on their website. Imagine a great tasting cannabis drink made with exotic ingredients, extravagant garnishes and delightful effects from THC and/or CBD. The ingredient list will showcase modern mixology at its best and includes items such as fresh squeezed juices, smoked sage and the star of the show cannabis infused rose water, tonics, mineral water and crème. "Sky's the limit with cannabis infused drinks as long as you have a base formulation that mixes homogeneously with water", says Jean Paul, Master Blender at Le Herbe. Otherwise know as mocktails, Le Herbe's non-alcoholic cannabis drinks are handcrafted as a healthy alternative over alcohol and is a major disruption to the main stream beverage industry.

The new tasting room will not be hosted at a licensed facility because of certain restrictions in the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA). Interested guests will be booking the tasting room as a private party in luxurious California destinations. Once pre-qualified and booked with a 14-30 day advance notice, guests will enjoy a divine experience of drinking cannabis in a social setting instead of smoking, vaping or eating traditional edibles like gummy bears or cookies. "We have not had direct access to the consumer until now, but this changes everything. The feedback we get from consumers will be invaluable", says Paul. Le Herbe will also offer small plates of food and entertainment to those who are interested. None of the food will be infused with THC or CBD though because Le Herbe believes that cannabis is a perfect fit for a apéritif or digestif since the effect of these drinks take 10-15 minutes.

Le Herbe's tasting room is a new concept in the aftermath of Prohibition 2.0. The option of cannabis in every restaurant and bar in California just makes sense from a consumer point of view and is pro-business. Consumers should have the right to choose cannabis over alcohol in a public setting as long as smoking is not involved. Le Herbe says that establishment owners want to resale cannabis beverages for long-term success and would welcome cannabis drinkers. Time will tell, but Le Herbe is on mission to change the definition of a modern drinker.


Le Herbe opened for business on December 1, 2014. This private and family-owned company is pioneering all-natural cannabis beverages with patent-pending and proprietary processes of infusing cannabis oil-in-water with a non-alcoholic solution. The team is comprised of exquisite talent in the field of cannabis cultivation, extraction, food science, bottling automation, and logistics. The love of cannabis combines individual traits into a respected company ethos and four basic principles: backed by the science of cannabis, people over profits, quality over quantity, and disruptive innovation. Le Herbe is the founding member of the Cannabis Beverage Association (CBA) and author of the white paper “The Art and Science of Cannabis Beverages”.

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