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Le Herbe makes THC water-soluble with fast-acting effects for cannabis drinks



For the past ten years, as the leader and original creator of modern cannabis beverages, we've refined our craft year after year using our technology and ingenuity. We strive to create the future, and we are excited to bring you our very best. Le Herbe, pronounced "The Erb," makes THC water-soluble for a variety of ready-to-drink (RTD), ready-to-mix (RTM), alternative taprooms, or partner brands. We use proprietary emulsion technology to disperse nano-sized oil droplets in water, called a nanoemulsion. This scientific breakthrough allows consumers to experience fast-acting THC within 5–15 minutes and will have a profound global impact on civilized society. Qualified companies can order custom effects made from scratch, and consumers can purchase these artisanal products at select locations such as restaurants, bistros, cafés, hotels, lounges, or online. At Le Herbe, we love to collaborate with visionary leaders, fostering innovation and growth around the world. Learn more about us by reading our story, explore a mind-bending tasting room, or check out the knowledge center for a deep dive into the future of craft cannabis.