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We are an employee-owned company, and we love cannabis. Le Herbe, pronounced "The Erb", blends high-quality plant genetics, biodynamic farming, sun-grown cannabis, and designer extracts in our magical powders. Smart consumers can enjoy several types of water-soluble cannabinoids in ready-to-drink (RTD), ready-to-mix (RTM), and/or partner brands. This food science innovation uses a proprietary emulsion technology called a nanoemulsion to disperse nano-sized oil droplets in water. Experience fast-acting, long-lasting, or custom THC effects made from scratch. Consumers can purchase THC powder at licensed cannabis dispensaries, consumption lounges, or online. Le Herbe is truly honored to cultivate and collaborate with innovative companies from all over the world. Learn more about these artisanal products by reading our story, experience a mind-bending tasting room, or check out the knowledge center for a deep dive into the future of craft cannabis.
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