cannabis coffee in a cup with cannabis leaf on top


Beverage Maker


We are an employee-owned company and we love cannabis. No suits allowed! Le Herbe, pronounced "The Erb", blends high quality genetics, biodynamic farming, sun grown cannabis, and whole plant extracts in our handcrafted product lines. Smart consumers can purchase several types of dissolvable cannabinoids like water soluble THC, water soluble CBD, water soluble CBG, ready-to-drink beverages, or partner brands. Find us in licensed cannabis dispensaries in USA, Canada and Europe, or purchase our exclusive hemp extracts in the new online store. Le Herbe is truly honored to cultivate, formulate and collaborate with innovative companies from all over the world, as well as support legacy brands! Learn more about this artisan beverage maker by reading our story, book an experience in the tasting room, or check out the knowledge center for a deep dive into the future of the cannabis industry.

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