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Cannabis Coffee Ice Cubes

Cube de Glace

Delightful ice cubes made from our refreshing cannabis coffee concentrate.

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Cannabis Latte

Café Herbe Chai Latté

Aromatic flavors surround your taste buds with an infusion of cannabis, coffee and natural herbs.

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Cannabis Martini

Café Herbe Martini

An elegant twist on a classic drink which includes cannabis, coffee and vanilla flavored vodka.

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Cannabis Frappe

Café Herbe Frappé

A sweet dessert drink infused with cannabis, cold brew coffee, and blended with vanilla ice cream.

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Cannabis Brulot

Café Herbe Brûlot

A simplified version of a dessert coffee served in grand style at the finest restaurants in New Orleans.

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Cannabis Mocha

Café Herbe Mocha

Sweet chocolate perfectly balanced with our cannabis infused cold brew coffee and whipped cream topping.

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