Our Promise

A brand that you can trust is world class quality

At Le Herbe, we fight to improve people's lives through our business and will never forget the sacrifices made to get us here. Founded in 2014 by cannabis advocates, we understand the importance for our company to operate responsibly because, after all, we are standing on the shoulders of great men and women who stood before us. Our mission is to produce organic cannabis products for consumers that do not contain GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, disease, and pest free. We'll travel this path together and communicate with you along our journey that is consistent with our promise.

  1. Thou shall plant the best genetics
  2. Thou shall grow cannabis with organic nutrients
  3. Thou shall harvest cannabis when ripe
  4. Thou shall extract using utrasound assisted extraction (UAE)
  5. Thou shall preserve cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids in storage
  6. Thou shall activate our cannabis products using decarboxylation
  7. Thou shall create products with certified organic ingredients
  8. Thou shall test our products for quality and consistency
  9. Thou shall label our products with accurate information
  10. Thou shall guarantee your satisfaction or your money back